Tree Storm Damage Safety Tips

Tree Storm Damage Safety Tips

Tree Removal services in Newmarket can seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Trees can present a great hazard if they are not properly disposed of. It can be a job for a do-it-yourselfer, but it does a take a specific knowledge and skillset in order to perform the job correctly. Tree removal can require the use of some very specialized tools. Moreover, because trees grow very high, there are times that altitude can be a factor as well. It is important to learn everything there is to know about this subject in order to do it correctly. Thus, here are some tips:

1. Know when removal of the tree is appropriate.

There are a number of times when a tree will need to be removed entirely. First of all, if the tree has a deep split with a visible open crack it would probably be best to remove the tree. The reason is because even with a repair of the split the tree is only going to undergo a slow death as the tree gets strangled by the ties. Sometimes, the damage to a mature tree will also call for a complete removal of it as well. One particular red flag for removal would be when the top third of the canopy has been broken out or when half of the limbs are broken. If a trees ornamental and shade value is broken, it can also very easily become an eyesore.

2. Try to understand when, and how, to save the life of a tree.

The next important step is to know when to save the life of a tree instead of just removing it. In all honesty, tree removal should be a last resort. For example, if a tree is snow damaged, it can usually be saved provided that it is young and less than 15 feet tall. If the limbs of the young tree are still mostly intact and the tips of the terminals are broken, then the tree can probably be saved provided that a disciplined amount of corrective pruning is performed.

3. Make sure that you prune the tree properly.

If pruning is called for on any tree it is important to understand how to accomplish this task efficiently. First of all, proper pruning of a tree will require that a trimmer uses a hand pruner for small branches. It should be less than a half-inch in diameter. The trimmer should take special pains to ensure that the proper cut is made into the tree. They want to make sure they do not leave a stub or cut into the limb.

4. Properly handle frozen trees.

Tree Storm Damage Safety Tips

Trees can also suffer from freezing injuries. Thus, the trimmer needs to know when the tree will have to be removed in this situation and when it can be saved. The trimmer must watch and see if the tree re-leafs by June, and if not it is probably best to remove the tree.

5. Emphasize Safety.

Finally, it is important for the tree trimming professional to emphasize safety. When they are at a high location they should always use a ladder and they should follow all of the safety procedures for proper chainsaw use as well. This might sound very complicated to you, so for the best tree removal services in Newmarket, give us a call today!

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