Top Tips on How to Control Anger in Men

Top Tips on How to Control Anger in Men

Men are usually susceptible to anger issues than women. The effects of anger in men depend on how they control it.Learning how to recognize and manage anger can make a huge difference between a man reacting to hurt someone, getting back or criticizing someone for no reason and having that positive feeling when he successfully overpower and prevent the anger from taking over his mind. A popular saying goes; anger is an acid that can do serious damage to the container where it is stored than on anything onto which it is poured.

If a man can’t control his anger, then he is in a serious danger. He requires immediate intervention to help him get out of the anger cage as soon as possible before it even kills him.In this post, we have very useful tips that will help in anger management among men.

Common causes of anger in men include:

• Most men presenting at anger therapy sessions report that a nagging wife is the common cause of their anger bouts
• Need for external approval
• Fear
• Jealousy
• Injustice

Top Tips on How to Control Anger in Men

Taking Control of Self Talk

Self-talk are the words and phrases one uses while thinking. Self-talk phrases have a huge influence overemotions. They can create a huge impact when it comes to experiencing anger bouts. They can also prevent anger bouts. For instance, if a man gets angry, he canjust tell himself this simple phrase “All is well.” Simply put, controlling self-talk is one of the most effective ways of alleviating anger from aman’s system.


Relaxing is an overall remedy in controlling unwanted emotions. This technique helps one to feel at peace and in control of themselves and the surrounding. Relaxation techniques can range from meditating to sleeping and can be applied anytime. Regular practice of relaxation techniques can become part of a man’s normal response to situations that trigger anger.

Good Diet

Eating habits greatly affect the mind and overall emotions in the body. Due to food making a mental impact, there are certain days a man might feel calm and relaxed and other days restless. Certain foods bring restlessness in the mind. Most of them are non-vegetarian diets such as meat, chicken, dairy and other spicy products. One should avoid such foods and instead embrace vegetables, fruits and salads to help control anger.

Regular Yoga

Research proves that regular practice of yoga is an all-time antidote to any emotional distress in the body. Yoga helps the mind attain utmost level of calmness while at the same time boosting daily moods. It is one of the popular techniques recommended for anger management. However, most men find it difficult to engage in yoga claiming it is a woman’s thing. This should not be the mind-set of a man serious about managing his anger.

Body touch-ups

When I talk of body touch ups, I mean making some situational tweaks to the body to counterattack any surge of anger. For example, one can wash his face with cold water to make him feel calmer. He can also change his physical position. If he got angry while sitting then he can stand up or lay down. These are techniques one can comfortably do anywhere at any time.

Seek Guidance

Most men believe they are “manly” enough to tackle anger situation on their own. This is completely wrong. Seek guidance in your locality. For instance there are several anger management services in Windsor for those who live within the city. They offer the required therapies effective for controlling anger.

Anger Management Service in Windsor

Top Tips on How to Control Anger in Men

Like I said, there are several anger management services in Windsor, but not all of them can be effective. A careful selection which entails asking questions, looking at the past records and a reference is necessary if you want to get the best help in Windsor.

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