Tips on Healthy Do it Yourself Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Tips on Healthy Do it Yourself Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Hey, if you want to stay healthy, you’re going to have to your body clean, and where else do you do that but in your bathroom? But what If your bathroom isn’t exactly a place you like spending time in? How do you have a bathroom that’s relaxing, comforting, and downright cool?

Well, you could always give bathroom renovations in Edmonton a try, and the good news is that any remodeling done to your home’s bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. With some simple DIY tricks, you can have a bathroom that would look just as good as the ones fancy hotel rooms have.

And the good news is that even the most basic of bathroom renovations can easily increase the value of your home, which basically allows you to recoup the cost of your remodeling project. And don’t forget, this all while improving the quality of your life, resulting in a better and healthier you.

Here are some tips to get started with DIY bathroom renovations in Edmonton.

1. Plan Carefully

Since you’ve decided to forego the services of a contractor, you’re going to have some extra work to do. In fact, it can be said that any home improvement project is 80 percent planning, 20 percent execution. Begin by asking yourself what vision you have for your bathroom. What theme do you want? And more importantly, how much are you willing to spend?

If you haven’t the faintest clue where to start, you can go through home improvement magazines and websites to take notes on the bathroom looks you want for the one you have at home.

2. Think of your time frame

You should also consider just how long your DIY project would take. More importantly, can you afford not to have a working bathroom through the duration of the remodeling? Do you have a spare bathroom to use?

Remember, DIY projects take time, and the larger the bathroom, and the more extensive the renovation, the more time it will take. Give yourself 8 weeks to play with—that should give you enough time to install new fixtures, apply a fresh coat of paint, and for the tile to completely set. To get a sound estimate of the project’s duration, you should ideally…

3. Make a List of All Things to be Included in the Remodeling Project

To get a scope of the project, you should list down all items you want to include in your remodel, and the items you want to keep. Are you breaking down walls? Laying down new tile? Getting new fixtures? A new sink perhaps? Drawers? A shower stall?

The more items you want to change, the more time you need. As nice as it is to have a new toilet, do you really need it? Are you willing to pay the premium for nice tile? Asking these questions can really help in the budgeting phase of your remodel.

4. Know When and Where to Ask for Help

Unless you’re some kind of handyman extraordinaire, you’re probably going to have to find help on some parts of your Edmonton bathroom remodelling. Sure, you can probably apply the paint and lay the tile yourself, but can you move plumbing? Do you know how to install new lighting fixtures?

Yes, you’re trying to go DIY and all that, but know where your skills and begin and where they end. The good news is that most large hardware centers offer a service to help you find contractors, and oftentimes, getting advice on what to do can be even free. But to keep things safe, have a contractor work on at least the most difficult part of your remodel.

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