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Difference Between Footwear Inserts and Prescription Customized Orthotics

Putting Your Best Foot ForwardFootwear inserts are almost everywhere, at the grocery store, at the supermarket, at the mall, etc. They are made to fit different feet and offer some form of comfort. However, they are not made to correct any foot disorder.

Prescription custom orthotics are devices that have been prescribed by a doctor and constructed for your particular foot. They remedy biomechanical foot difficulties or enduring foot concerns.

Custom orthotics are devices specially designed to support and bring relief and relaxation to your feet because they were designed exclusively for your feet. They are created to accurately fit the shape of your feet and made to go along with the way you move. If this is what your feet require, you need to go to the custom orthotics in North York Ontario.

A podiatrist (a doctor specializing in the diagnosis, medical and surgical management of the foot, ankle, and leg problems) will evaluate your feet, ankle and legs, and then the custom orthotics in North York Ontario will manufacture it to adapt to the particular pathology and the structure of your feet.

Putting Your Best Foot ForwardPodiatrists use the help of orthotics to treat their clients who may be suffering from various foot and leg issues such as foot, ankle and heel pain, diabetic foot ulcers, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and bursitis. Studies show that orthotics prescribed by podiatrists decrease foot pain and enhance function.

Footwear inserts purchased in retail stores are usually cheaper than custom orthotics, but the extra cost is definitely justified by their benefits. Remember that each orthotic is molded to fit each foot, so you can be sure that they will fit you well, and they will do what they were intended to do. They are made of top-quality materials and are expected to last long even with regular use. You can check your insurance because they often help to pay for your orthotics.

If you just need extra comfort in your feet, a footwear insert may be enough for you. But if you are suffering from major pain or discomfort, you might need to go and see a podiatrist. Podiatrists are well-trained to evaluate your health in general and search for other causes of the pain. They will scrutinize your feet and assess how you walk, as well as use advanced technology to assess how your feet function.

The facts that they gather will help the podiatrist to decide what’s best for your health and comfort. They will be able to decide if you just need shoe inserts to relax you, or if you need prescription orthotics to cure your disorder. They are knowledgeable in finding out how to devise special supports for your feet’s unique shape in order for you to achieve comfort and easy movement.

Stop suffering from pain in your feet and legs. See a podiatrist and search for the problem and the cure, so you can start putting your best foot forward!

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