Healthy Furnace: Healthy You

Many homeowners don’t realize that their homes are the probably the number one source of their health issues. Lack of proper maintenance can result in constant allergy issues and a bad winter.

Healthy Furnace: Healthy You


The fall and winter months normally spells relief for the common allergy sufferer. The dust and pollen settles throughout the neighborhood. But what happens when you still suffer throughout the year? It could be your furnace. All too often people neglect the maintenance of their furnace not realizing that it could be the number one source of their issues. While sitting all year along your heating ducts are collecting large amounts of dust and particles that could make it miserable during the winter months.


Set a date and stick to it. Call your local furnace contractors in London Ontario to get your furnace inspected and ducts cleaned. You might be surprised at other potential issues they may uncover. It is recommended that you set aside a full day away from home. Having your ducts cleaned releases huge amounts of dust and particles in the living areas and that can be miserable. It is recommended that you get about three estimates.


Clogged filters can be the number one reason why you have allergy attacks. It is said that only one in four households change their filters on a regular basis. Often some may only change theirs once a year. It is one of the most neglected maintenance steps in your home. Not only will changing your filters solve the majority of your allergy issues, it reduces the stress on your furnace, which in turn saves you money on your power bill. A furnace’s efficiency is based on air flow. The dirtier the filter the harder your systems will work to do its job and the more money you spend. Your unmaintained system may even lead to more serious problem. With the advancement in technology these days you have a few more options that just the standard filter replacement.


Healthy Furnace: Healthy You
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Permanent Hepa filters are one options that has gained popularity over the years. Hepa filters can remove over 90 percent of particulate matter from your home. This holds a huge advantage over the standard removable filters. This does require a professional to install to get the full advantage so be sure to call local furnace contractors in London Ontario. The average cost for one is about $100 dollars, but it does last all year long. It is worth it if you want peace of mind knowing you and your family will not have to suffer.


If you live in rented space like an apartment or house, your options may be limited to what you can have installed as far as any permanent installations. Most times you are limited to what type of disposable filters you can install. I would encourage you to get the details from the homeowner or apartment manager before you take the initiative. Your security deposit could be affected by your decision. If you are restricted, you still have options available. One option is to temporarily block your unused vents. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. One way is to use a piece of cheesecloth to block the air flow. This does two things. One, it still allows some airflow through while filtering dust through the cloth. Two, you can purchase a ready-made kit that attaches with Velcro. They are easy to install and doesn’t affect the visual appeal of your room.

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