Getting Beautiful Straight Teeth with Invisalign

Getting Beautiful Straight Teeth with InvisalignFirst impressions last, so it’s best to give your all. One of the first things people notice about others is their smile. A survey done in the United States say that one-fourth of people remembers another person’s smile when they first meet them. One-third also says that the first thing they often notice in others is their teeth. To make your first impressions even more memorable, having a row of straight teeth can help give you that beautiful smile people can remember you by. These days, anyone can get perfectly straight teeth with a trip to the dentist and signing up for invisalign in Thornhill.

Why Straighten Them?

Makeovers have become more than just a new hair color and cut and a new makeup look. People are now giving attention to how good their teeth looks. In a study, people who have straight teeth are perceived as having better personalities, better social skills, and are generally more successful. They were even perceived to be more healthy, intelligent, and wealthy. 73 percent of the participants of the study say that they are more likely to trust a person who has straight teeth. But one of the biggest reasons why you should straighten your teeth is confidence. A lot of people feel that their crooked teeth affect their esteem and confidence, and they’d want to change the way their teeth looks.Since everyone isn’t born with perfect teeth, we need a little help in making them look their best.

Getting Beautiful Straight Teeth with Invisalign

How to get Them Straight?

Getting your teeth straightened has become easier thanks to orthodontic procedures. A visit to the dentist is the first step, choosing how to get it straightened is the next. The most common procedure people have to get their teeth straightened is to have orthodontic braces attached to their teeth. In some cases orthodontic retainers, which are not permanent like braces and can be taken off and put back on, are used to realign the teeth. The downside of these procedures is that they can feel bulky and uncomfortable. The metal wires are also visible, which many find unattractive especially amongst adults.  Thankfully, we have another option when it comes to straightening their teeth, Invisaligns. And you can find invisalign in Thornhill.

What are Invisaligns

Getting Beautiful Straight Teeth with InvisalignInvisaligns are orthodontic device made with a sturdy, transparent material that adjusts and straightens teeth. These basically work like braces, only you can’t see them and they’re very comfortable to wear. It starts off with the dentist taking a mold of the person’s teeth which is then scanned, creating a computerized model which the dentist uses to plan out the person’s treatment plan, as well as the actual Invisalign. This computerized model is also used to see the person’s teeth movement and development every time the Invisalign is adjusted. How many times the Invisalign is adjusted depends in severity of the case, but adjustments are often done every 2 weeks.

Benefits of Invisalign over Braces

Invisalignare made with clear plastic material, which means you won’t see them and there are no annoying wires and brackets that can get irritating. It’s also perfect for those people who don’t want to see wires in their mouth. The aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear. The wires on braces can irritate and poke the inner side of your cheeks, gums, and sometimes your tongue. Invisalign are also very easy to clean. Since they can be taken off, unlike braces, you can give them and your teeth a thorough cleaning which is difficult with braces. Lastly, you can eat whatever you’re in the mood for and there are no food restrictions when you use Invisalign.

Get invisalign from a well trusted and certified provider. Make it a point to get an appointment with the dentist to talk about what to expect when you get them.

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