Four Crucial Reasons to Get Regular Checkups from Your Family Dentist in Corunna

Learn how regular dental checkups from your family dentist in Corunna can prevent oral health problems and lead to a prettier smile.

For most people, pretty teeth mean an attractive smile. So we brush our teeth at least twice daily, floss religiously, and maintain good tabs on our oral health. Or so we think. Here are four reasons why regular dental visits may be a good idea.

First, there are the three evils: plaque, tartar, and cavities. You think brushing and flossing on a daily basis is enough, but it isn’t. There are those hard to reach places that are frequently missed that become hot spots for bacteria to build up and spread. It is usually in these small forgotten pockets where plaque and cavities settle in and harden making it nearly impossible to remove without a professional cleaning from your family dentist in Corunna.

It is during these professional cleanings that the specialist will check for gum disease. Plaque and tartar build up can lead to an infection where the tooth base meets the gums. Left unchecked this can turn into a severe case of gingivitis which may lead to expensive dental repair to resolve issues as tooth loss. Prevention is much cheaper than replacement.

During these exams, the oral check will reveal any potential abnormalities. If any bad habits may be staining your teeth or affecting your health, your family dentist in Corunna will let you know. Think of this as a physical exam for your oral cavity – potential issues will be discovered and addressed.

Finally, comes one service many clients may feel tempted to decline, but shouldn’t. X-rays are a vital component as they highlight any potential conditions the dentist may not visually see during the initial exam. They pinpoint any irregularities present in the jawbone and below the gum line. It is surprising how many conditions are present that show no symptoms. X-rays are the key to preventing them from progressing.

While regular brushing and flossing are essential to good dental hygiene, regular checkups are crucial to help discover or eliminate problems. After all, it is much cheaper to prevent cavities from forming, then to have to deal with the price of fillings. So, to get started on the path of healthy oral care, feel free to check out a great oral hygiene blog at Riverview Family Dentistry.

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