Five Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

Five Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

When it comes to our hair, many people ignore its importance in telling us about an individual’s health. From a simple glance at a person’s hair, one can tell a lot about the health status of that individual. Health experts acknowledge that hair says a lot about an individual’s health status. The appearance and the condition of our hair can be an important red flag for a variety of health conditions. So if you still think that hair is just a piece of dead protein, think again. Hair significantly tells a lot about our health, and it is high time we start to look at those vital signs present in our hair that could be a red flag to a potentially dangerous medical condition that might make your life very miserable. In this post, we have enlisted five things that could be a red flag of a health condition portrayed in hair.

Hair loss

Five Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

Hair loss is one of the most conspicuous sign that probably you are in trouble health-wise. As a matter of fact, many people dread the situation of their hair falling out. However, it is an ordinary occurrence to shed about 150 hairs daily which is a depiction of the body’s natural system of shedding off old tissues. You should be concerned when you see a huge lump of hairs in your brush or after a shower and shampoo. Some of the conditions that may cause hair loss include;

• Fever which may occur due to the flu or an infection
• Diabetes that affects the hormones levels in the body, hence starting to cause hair loss.
• A lot of stress that may be caused by job loss or divorce.
• As a side effect of birth control pills and some medications for depression.
It is important that you talk with your salons and hair expert in case you notice any abnormal change in hair loss.

Dry and thin hair

Dry and thin hair is another red flag that should not be ignored when noticed. We acknowledge that many things such as hair dryers and blowers can assure hair to dry, but there are abnormal changes in hair texture that make hair feel thinner and drier. Dry and thin hair is a significant indicator of hyperthyroidism especially if accompanied with fatigue and weight gain. In case, you notice these changes go to your doctor and let them check the levels of the thyroid hormones.

Scaly scalp at the hairline

A scaly scalp can be made of thick crusts that form at the hairline and it is highly distinguishable from dandruff conditions. It can be an indicator of Psoriasis. The condition usually occurs along with the Crohn’s disease that affects nearly 7 million Americans. Other conditions that relate to scaly scalp at the hairline include arthritis, lupus and rheumatoid disease.

To get help, you can visit a Hair Salon and Spa in Bathurst and Eglinton where you can get appropriate advice that can help you manage the scalp and check whether you have Psoriasis.

Brittle hair

Brittle hair, which is usually dry, is a major symptom of Cushing’s syndrome which is a condition that results in the excessive production of the cortisol hormone. The brittle hair also occurs due to the production of lower levels of thyroid hormones and injury to the thyroid glands as a result of surgery or accident.

Hair falling out in small patches

Five Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

A healthy falling hair should be in round patches. When the hair starts to fall in small and circular patches, it should be an alarm for a potential health condition. One of the conditions that cause this situation is Alopecia areata. Diabetes also can cause the eyebrows and the eyelashes to fall out.

Ensure you are adequately examined before accepting any treatment recommendation for the conditions associated with this hair behavior. The doctor will then recommend the best treatment method according to the diagnosis.

Important tip

Some hair behavior mentioned here can be just regular occurrence and should not be a real cause for alarm with a proper medical check-up. Specialist’s dealings working in the Hair Salon and Spa in Bathurst and Eglinton can be of great help in determining normal and the abnormal hair changes.

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