Family Dentistry Services Sarnia for Better Teeth

If you must eat something sticky, your family dentistry services in Sarnia advise you to try to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth as soon as possible.

We all want a beautiful smile and we do all we can to ensure we do. However, we unknowingly eat a number of foods that can destroy our teeth. Understandably, to take better care of our teeth we need to know exactly what foods to avoid and which foods to enjoy.

Teeth versus Ice

Nothing is better than an icy drink on a scorching hot day. However, you may regret those icy drinks if you chew the ice. Chewing the hard substance will ensure you will need family dentistry services in Sarnia. After all, chewing ice damages enamel and can lead to chipped, cracked and broken teeth so stick to drinking water rather than chewing it.

The Acid Factor

Undeniably, fruit comes with a number of healthy benefits. However, fruit high in acids can lead to some serious damage to our teeth. This isn’t limited to just fruit as anything with a high acid content increases the acids in your mouth and destroys tooth enamel. Family dentistry services in Sarnia such as Lambton Family Dental advise that you develop good dental habits and, in this case, that means avoiding foods high in acid.

A Sticky Situation

Most of us think a healthy snack is dried fruit. Unfortunately, there is a problem with this preferred treat and that is its sticky factor. How so? Thanks to the stickiness of dried fruit, or any other sticky food, the particles stay on your teeth longer and can damage the enamel.

Crunchy Teeth

We all realize that many crunchy foods are good for our teeth. However, the crunch isn’t always good and especially when referring to a handful of crunchy chips. Potato chips have a high starch content which is difficult to remove from between our teeth. In turn, that leads to tooth decay and plaque build-up, so do as your family dentistry services in Sarnia advice and stick to crunchy apples.

What Can You Say?