Factors to Consider when Choosing a Drainage Company

Benjamin Franklin forgot one thing in his letter about death and taxes being the only certain things in the world.

Clogged drains.

No matter how hard you try, you’re bound to have some kind of drainage problem with your plumbing. And it often comes at the most unexpected, not to mention least convenient of times, forcing you to just get the services of the first draining company you find. It’s precisely why it’s always better to have a relationship with a reliable plumber before having plumbing problems in the first place; it allows you to prepare for future emergencies without having to panic and risk working with an unreliable company.

But no matter. If you’re looking for a company that provides drain service in Richmond Hill, Ontario, here are the factors that should come into play when making a decision.


1. Willingness to Respond to Emergency House Calls

As mentioned earlier, clogs and other drainage problems often come at the most inconvenient of times. Whether it’s a backed up toilet, a leaky faucet, or a clogged sink, it’s only right that you fix these drainage issues right away. And it’s not just because drainage problems are an inconvenience, you want them fixed right away to prevent damage caused by water pooling, dripping, and running from your plumbing.

When searching for a drainage services company, make it a point to choose a company that’s able to respond as immediately as possible. Plus points goes to companies that can offer 24-hour emergency services—though you can expect late night house calls to come at a small premium.

2. Equipment

A reliable drainage company doesn’t have to have the latest cleaning technology to provide great service. What matters more is that they’re using the proper equipment—not DIYed contraptions—and that they keep their gear in good working condition.

The last thing you want from a company is for them to come by your house and just dump a bottle of Drano down your sink. Why pay good money for that when you can do it yourself in the first place? A reputable company will have several tricks up their sleeve to fix clogged drains. This can range from using high-pressure hydro-jets to flush out stubborn debris from pipes, to running a sewer camera to h the gunk that’s causing the problem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a company won’t use simple measures, especially those that are proven to work, like hot water. But what you want a drainage company to do is use their equipment to identify a problem, before taking action.

3. Reputation

A company’s reputation is also something you need to consider when hiring their services. You can start by looking for reviews on Google and other resource sites, while also getting a list of referrals from the companies themselves. Talking to a company’s previous clients allows you to gauge their reliability and quality of services.

4. Rates and Guarantees

Pricing is another factor to consider when choosing a plumbing company for your drainage problems. But as tempting as it is to hire companies with the lowest rates, always bear in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean better—in fact it could be the other way around.

Get a feel for the company first by talking to their people. Do they offer free estimates? Do they offer a guarantee or warranty on their work? You want a plumbing company that’s willing to stand by the quality of their work.

In addition, be sure to ask if a company charges by the hour, or if they prices are specific to every job and its complexity—this allows you to know what budget to set aside for your drainage problem.

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