Eliminate Rodents Naturally

Eliminate Rodents NaturallyGetting rid of mice naturally; it can be done.

Rodents, they can get into your trash, garage, house and even the kitchen. They can cause messes and are a danger to one’s health and safety. Though it may be tempting to rid the home of these mice the quick way with chemicals; here are some safe and natural tips about mouse and mice control in Aurora.

How to get the mice out of your house.

Tip 1.

First find where and how the mice are coming in. Check all doors and windows for holes and cracks. Look behind couches, chairs, even the stove and fridge. Remember a mouse can squeeze into very small holes, don’t let the size fool you.

Tip 2.

Once you have found the problem areas in your home, start sealing these places off. Fill the holes in with weather stripping, or putty and make sure there are no cracks in the work. You can also use caulk found in most hardware stores and the housing departments in chain stores.

Tip 3.

Clean up any messes.

Start with the kitchen and make sure that all food is sealed tightly or in Tupperware containers with strong lids. Take everything out of cabinets and pantries and wipe them down with some household disinfectant solution. Toss out any questionable food that the mice might have gotten into. Make sure there are no crumbs or debris from food on the kitchen floor or counters. Now would also be a good time to vacuum and mop the floor.

Eliminate Rodents NaturallyTip 4.

Find and trap any mice in the house.

There are many traps out there that won’t kill the mice once inside. This method works best on small mice population. Once the mice are trapped, call your local animal control to see how you can safely and legally dispose of the mice.

Tip 5.

Collect ten or more wine corks and soak them in grease from cooked meat. Leave them where mice have been spotted and place them there. The mice will eat the corks, but since they can’t digest the cork naturally they will die from it. This is not a very humane solution and should be used at your own discretion.

How to keep the mice from coming back: Mouse and mice control in Aurora

Now that the mice are gone, there some are steps you can take to keep them away.

Eliminate Rodents NaturallyTake peppermint oil and rub it onto beams and other places where mice travel. The oil and leaves of peppermint are very repugnant to mice. Most natural food stores or the baking aisle in grocery stores carry peppermint oil.

Remember those cracks you filled up; keep an eye on them and reseal if signs of stress or damage occur. Do another check for any new or missed holes, to keep any new mice and their nests from forming.

Get a cat. Having a cat around will cause the mice to think twice about entering your house.

Make sure there is no trash lying around the yard. Keep all trashcans in good condition and replace ones with holes. Make sure the lids fit on them tightly. Consider giving them a good rinse with the hose to ensure cleanliness.

Keep all bird feeders on poles and away from the house. This will keep mice from having access to the food. Having birds around will also keep mice away; since some birds eat them.

Getting rid of mice does not need to involve harsh smells and chemicals. With a little bit of time and some extra cleaning, your home will be yours again.

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