Devastating Injuries in the World of Sports

Devastating Injuries in the World of Sports

 Professional athletes are aware of the risk and serious consequences of sports injuries. They may do their best to avoid them, but sometimes injury is inevitable, and may temporarily halt one’s playing ability or permanently end one’s sports career. Below are some famous and common sports injuries, the recovery of which span from a few months time to never. The latter rings the death knell to an-otherwise sports career.

1. Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament

This is a relatively common knee injury that has been experienced by athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Redd, Chipper Jones, Tom Brady. At a rehabilitation centre, it has an estimated time of recovery of eight months to one year. It is caused by constant shifting of physicality and direction in sports like basketball and football.

2. Fractured Vertebrae

This is among the worst things that can happen to an athlete, let alone anyone. It occurred to Steve Austin, Kevin Everett, and Michael Irvin. It is a sports injury that ends careers. It can cause mild to severe effects, anywhere from tingling at the limbs or partial to total paralysis.

3. Severe Concussion

Contact sports are notorious for causing this kind of injury. Head injuries can affect memory, motor functions, and vision. A few weeks of recovery may be needed, but severe cases end sports careers. This sports injury occurred to Mike Piazza, Sidney Crosby, and Steve Young.

4. Broken Leg

Legs are weight-bearing, and are therefore extremely debilitating if broken. It cripples those who suffer this injury. It has been experienced by Kendry Morales, Joe Theismann, and Reggie Bush.

5. Tearing of Ulnar Collateral Ligament

This is an arm injury that affects the muscles and the ability to throw. It occurred to A.J. Burnett, Brian Wilson, John Smoltz, and Steven Strasburg. Trips to the rehabilitation centre may have a recovery time of one year to one and a half years.

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