Family Dentistry Services Sarnia for Better Teeth

If you must eat something sticky, your family dentistry services in Sarnia advise you to try to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth as soon as possible. We all want a beautiful smile and we do all we can to ensure we do. However, we unknowingly eat a number of foods that can destroy our teeth. Understandably, to take better care of our teeth we need to know exactly what foods to avoid and which foods to enjoy. Teeth versus Ice Nothing is better than an icy drink on a scorchi...

3 Simple Tips on Empowering Your Kids in the Kitchen

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Kids shouldn't be underrated nor underestimated just because they're still small and young. Even at the age of 2, right after the time they have mastered standing and walking on their own and lifting toys from one box to another, they can already do a lot around the house to keep them busy, happy and motivated. We've gone around and listed our top 3 tips all for you! So, listen close. Clean-up Crew Kids are messy, that's a fact. But with the right motivation and creative, entici...