Braces 101: Understanding How Braces Work

If you’re not quite a believer of the power of braces and how drastic an effect aligning your teeth can have on the appearance of your teeth, just look at the before and after pictures of people who have had braces.

The difference is nothing short of incredible, and it’s all because they made a slight correction to the alignment of their teeth improving their appearance and smile.

What’s interesting is that most people seeking braces in Downtown Toronto don’t even fully appreciate the effects of having braces, thinking it’s only a way to have a better smile and correct, even prevent, certain dental problems. However, the biggest benefit by far, of having braces, is how they can change the appearance of your whole face.

How do braces change your face?

Braces 101: Understanding How Braces WorkThe human face naturally has a certain degree of asymmetry to it, varying from person to person. There’s no such thing as a perfectly symmetrical face—not even the most gorgeous models and celebrities can claim to have it. In fact, a perfectly symmetrical face looks unnatural and disconcerting.

However, this asymmetry is especially noticeable in some people, particularly around their mouth. Braces work by slowly realigning teeth, which in turn corrects the bite; these two reactions result in creating near symmetry, letting people see your face the way it was meant to look, free of an obvious imperfection.

Below are some common issues that wearing braces can resolve.

Underbite – A person with an underbite is characterized by having a chin jutting out, making it appear larger and creating an undesirable effect called a “moon face.” Braces can help reduce this effect, softening the features of the face, bringing more prominence to the mouth and taking it away from your chin.

Open bite – An open bite is characterized by a stretched-looking mouth. In extreme cases, this dental problem can prevent the mouth from closing completely or naturally. This problem is easily distinguishable because it causes the lower lip to appear larger. Braces will realign the teeth and lessen the bite, allowing the lower lip to assume its normal position.

Overbite – An overbite is one of the most common tooth alignment issues out there, and it can be a cause of serious embarrassment for those suffering from it. The opposite of an underbite, an overbite causes the upper lip to look more prominent, giving your face and cheeks a gaunt appearance. Braces help to align your jaw by restoring the fit between your upper and lower teeth, restoring the natural balance between the upper and lower half of your face.

Crooked teeth – Crooked teeth are a relatively easy problem to resolve with the help of braces. If you have two or more teeth with varying degrees of crookedness, braces can give them a proper appearance, allowing you to smile and laugh with confidence. If you have problems with your smile, braces can be a godsend.

Great Looking Teeth are Healthy Teeth

Braces 101: Understanding How Braces WorkAlthough most people opt to get braces for aesthetic purposes, what many people don’t know is that great looking teeth are also healthy teeth. For example, having your teeth realigned by braces makes them easier to clean, especially in previously hard to reach areas of your mouth, allowing you to remove plaque and tartar more effectively. This in turn ensures you stay free of cavities, gum disease, halitosis and a host of other minor and major oral problems.

So even if your desire to fix your teeth is fueled by cosmetic reasons, you can add the benefit of keeping your teeth and mouth healthy to your list of reasons to get braces. That should give you enough reason to look at getting braces in Downtown Toronto.

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