A Man’s Guide on How to Deal with Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is one of the most important and busiest parts of your body. Thus, it is important to keep it healthy. When consistent shoulder pain occurs, it can really hamper even the most menial tasks in life such as writing on a computer keyboard.

Maybe you are willing to seek out shoulder pain services in Vaughan. Perhaps a massage therapist can work out the kinks.

A Man's Guide on How to Deal with Shoulder Pain

However, sometimes the problem is deeper and could become a chronic issue. Given how much a shoulder gets used on a daily basis, men need to guard against that. Anything from lifting weights to sitting in the wrong position could create a weak shoulder joint or a shoulder impingement.

In order to avoid this, preventive measures are required. If there is already shoulder pain, then treatment and stretching techniques can help soothe discomfort.

What are Shoulder Injuries

We tend to rotate our shoulders plenty during the course of a day. It is necessary, but it also sets up potential situations of impingement or even rotator cuff and labrum tears that many baseball pitchers suffer from.

Shoulder impingement can be described as when your shoulder cuff tendons start to rub along the roof of your shoulder joint. This causes irritation and swelling, further reducing the space in which your tendons can move there.

If the shoulder aches, this actually could mean more of a muscle pull. Sharp pain during movement is indicative of joint or ligament issues. Bursitis or tendon pain tends to be felt more at night while in bed.

Prevention Methods

Doing regular stretching exercises help because the pain could be due to tight muscles. Stretch your arms outward to the side and do circular motions designed to loosen shoulder muscles. Also, pull your arm across your body or over your head to stretch out the shoulder area.

If you work at a desk or on a computer a lot, then you could be developing poor posture from constantly working in an awkward position. Make sure the top one-third of a computer monitor is aligned with your eyes when sitting at a computer desk.

If your work involves a lot of standing up, make sure you aren’t constantly rotating or twisting about. That can also lead to developing poor posture.

Treatment Methods

A Man's Guide on How to Deal with Shoulder Pain

Since it is a rapidly growing city on the outskirts of Toronto, finding shoulder pain services in Vaughan should be very possible. Whether it is a massage or a visit to a chiropractor or osteopath, don’t be afraid to seek outside help.

Sometimes, though, it is just a matter of resting and not exerting your shoulder that can keep the swelling in your shoulder down. Icing the shoulder also can help lessen the swelling. Even simply using a bag of vegetables from the freezer and compressing it against the area of discomfort can help.

If the shoulder pain is a minor injury, don’t use a sling to completely immobilize it. You want at least some shoulder movement in order to keep the blood flowing and for the healing process to continue.

Anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, Aleve, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen are also options to lessen the shoulder pain. If things are getting more serious, consider asking the doctor for a cortisone injection for your balky shoulder. Injections are good for tendinitis and bursitis because they can immediately reduce the swollen area and allow for more range of motion and less rubbing and irritation in the joints.

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