A Guide on Identifying Wood Pallets that are Safe to Use

Wood PalletsWood pallets may have a simple structure, but they can actually make shipping and cargo more convenient. Pallets help to support goods and cargo, giving stability when being moved by a work saver, front loader, pallet jack, forklift, and other lifting and hacking devices. Although there are other types of pallets (like plastic), wood is the most common material used to make them.

When using pallets for transportation and shipping, there are a several considerations to take in mind. Safety should be the foremost priority of pallet supplier in Toronto, with pallets required to be built and treated in a certain way make sure them safe for use.

Here are a few things to know when checking for pallet safety.


The pallet needs to be made with accurate measurements to ensure that it gives stability. It should not only look sturdy, but it also needs to be able to take on a good amount of weight. The nails used on the pallet need to be securely hammered in so they don’t budge or move. it should lay flat on the ground and not have an irregular level. as for size, most pallet manufacturers ask their clients about what they’re planning to transport so they can create a specific sized pallet that can cover their client’s needs.


Wood pallets vary in materials. They can either be made with hardwood or softwood, depending on what they’re going to be used for. What’s important is that the wood used doesn’t have any diseases or parasites since these can damage the pallet, as well as the cargo. Hardwood pallets are better since they’re sturdier and last longer.

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Wooden pallets that are made in the states and Canada which are used for international shipment undergo specific treatments for pest control. These treatments ensure no pest get into or are in the wood that can cause health and ecological problems. Chemicals or heat is used, but heat treatment is the more preferred method. The wood is heated to a certain temperature, depending on what wood is used on the pallet, for 30 minutes inside a kiln. This kills off any pest living inside the wood, reducing cross-border pest contamination risk.

Avoid methyl-bromide fumigation

Chemical treatments like methyl-bromide fumigation are sometimes used in wood pallets to kill off pests. In Canada, this treatment is banned and pallet supplier in Toronto doesn’t use this to treat their pallets because of health risk. If you’re planning to have pallets built, make sure that they are not treated this way to avoid any health hazards. Wood pallets are stamped with a seal from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that indicates what type of treatment they went through and where they were made. Look for stamps that say “HT” or “heat treated” below the country of origin, which is usually found on the right side of the seal. Methyl bromide treated wood pallets need to be disposed of properly and should never be set on fire or used as firewood.

Plywood Pallets

These pallets are specifically made with thin sheets of wood, or plywood, which are glued together to create a solid base. These are often not treated since the construction process of plywood kills off the pest. These pallets also don’t burn due to the gluing process. These are special types of pallets and not a lot of pallet supplier in Toronto makes them.

Buy wood pallets for a reliable manufacturer. Make sure that the pallets you get are study and can last long so you can still use or even re-sell them in the future. a lot of people buy used wooden pallets for home decor and improvement projects, so you can still put your old pallets to good use.

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