5 Reason You Need to Go to a Dental Office Burlington for a Missing Tooth

There are five things to consider if you’re missing teeth. Once you’re done reading them, make an appointment with a reputable dental office in Burlington.

If you’re missing a tooth, you could be doing unnecessary harm to yourself if you don’t get it replaced. If you’re not concerned because the missing tooth is in the back of your mouth, you should be concerned. Missing a tooth in any part of the mouth is a serious health issue.

  1. Your mouth might be misshapen. This is a result of teeth moving and shifting towards the gap in the teeth. This loss can affect how you look and how your speech.
  2. The loss of teeth can lead to problems in the jaw bone. The tooth root stimulates bone growth in the jaw. Without the tooth, the bone isn’t stimulated, and it can deteriorate as much as 25% in the first year. Over time, this can lead to the jaw bone shortening and misshape the face between the nose and jaw bone. Furthermore, the loss of bone makes the jaw susceptible to breaking. The whole process can get rather detailed, but a dentist at a good dental office in Burlington can explain it very well.
  3. The missing tooth is causing the surrounding teeth to work harder. Those teeth are still having the same pressure put on them when you chew, but there is no tooth at their side to help in support. If those teeth shift, they will move towards the gap.
  4. Missing teeth do affect your emotional health. According to a study published in the British Dental Journal, almost half of the respondents, all of whom were missing teeth, reported that missing teeth made them feel inhibited in everyday activities and social situations.
  5. They can be fixed! A good dental office in Burlington can help you replace your missing teeth through a variety of methods. And, it’s never too late!

Come on, stop missing out on life and stop placing your health at risk. Visit a dental office now to see what options are available to fix your missing teeth.

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