4 Reasons Animal Removal Toronto Is Needed For Feral Cats

Feral cats are cute, but they present real hazards to people and pets. This common urban critter problem can only be humanely controlled by animal removal in Toronto services.

Most communities, at some point, will experience a real problem with feral cat populations. It’s difficult to conceive how a feline that is so close in appearance to a pet can be a problem. Feral cats however, pose real threats to humans and other animals. In the past, people were inclined to reduce the feral cat population in horrible and extreme ways. Animal control services provide many humane ways of making sure these critters don’t proliferate. Here are the main reasons people should actively seek professional assistance dealing with a feral cat problem.

Human Disease Potential

Unlike many wild animals and pests that are common in residential areas, feral cats can carry and transmit disease to humans. This usually occurs when people who are attracted to them like a domesticated cat are bitten, or scratched. These diseases include rabies, hookworm, and infections like toxoplasmosis that can cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Reduce Stress on Other Animals

Feral cats are predators out of necessity. They kill smaller critters in astronomical amounts. Large populations of cats can increase the mortality rates of beneficial wildlife species like birds that contribute to a natural balance in a region. Animal removal in Toronto communities can rely upon will take the entire ecosystem into consideration when designing control measures.

Eliminate Predators

Feral cats are territorial and “mark” their outdoor homes regularly. Unfortunately, cats have natural predators like coyotes and other stray animals. The presence of cats will eventually invite other pests into an area. This also includes infestations of insects like ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

Increase Pet Health

The most unfortunate reality of having a large feral cat population in an area is extreme danger to domesticated pets. House cats, dogs, ferrets, and other beloved animal family members can be killed and infected by strays. Feral cats with diseases like rabies will exhibit extremely aggressive behavior and attack without warning.

Expert animal removal Toronto companies are now widely using humane methods to control cat populations. The most common is using live traps, simple sterilization, and release. If a cat is too sick to be allowed back into the streets, painless euthanasia is the most humane option. Either way, professional animal control services help lower the spread of disease and the potential for physical danger from feral cats.

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