3 Simple Tips on Empowering Your Kids in the Kitchen

rubbing alcohol

Kids shouldn’t be underrated nor underestimated just because they’re still small and young. Even at the age of 2, right after the time they have mastered standing and walking on their own and lifting toys from one box to another, they can already do a lot around the house to keep them busy, happy and motivated.

We’ve gone around and listed our top 3 tips all for you! So, listen close.

  1. Clean-up Crew

Kids are messy, that’s a fact. But with the right motivation and creative, enticing instructions, they can also clean up. Try thinking of a game wherein your kids are able to clean up their own toys and get a prize afterwards. You don’t have to think of a big prize. Candy, an extra scoop of dessert, or even offering to read them a bedtime story will surely get them going. And of course, pull up your end of the bargain. Never offer something you have no intention of doing or giving. That is not good. This is good for 2-3 year olds. And once they’re done, let them wash hands and rub on Alcoplus rubbing alcohol (ethyl alcohol). Better safe and clean, right?

  1. Sandwich makers

As you can see, kids have a thing for mixing, stacking, collecting, and gathering stuff together. If something attracts them, they will grab it and pile them up according to how they see it fit. To make it more productive for them, have them make their own sandwiches for snacks. Have the stuff ready, let them experiment independently as you supervise them and helping them only when they need you. Who knows? Your kid could be the next Junior Masterchef! This is perfect for ages 5 and up. Just have them splash on rubbing alcohol, like Alcoplus, for extra food safety.

  1. Mini Waiters

For your 8 year old and up, they are already strong enough to lift a plate or two. You can teach them to set up the table. You will even notice how much thought and coordination they put into it. Like checking if everything is clean, aligned and perfect. They’ll be all smiles with this little achievement. If you have 2 or more kids, you can have the other one wash the dishes and the other help clear the table. You can then just have them rotate everyday.

Who knew right? Kids can be such great little helpers around the house. So give them a broom, a circle to put the dust and trash in and have fun!  

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