10 Fascinating Dental Health Facts about Kids

Here are ten most interesting facts and figures relating to kids dental care that all parents should know since a healthy mouth brings about a healthy body and mind.Portrait of child and dentist in dental studio, looking at camer

1. Almost half of all 8-year-olds exhibits visible signs of tooth decay

That is a startling fact, but with the correct measures, the figures can be minimized. Ensuring that your children brush their teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes using fluoride toothpaste, is a good step towards preventing their tooth decay.

2. Some popular healthy drinks contain excessive sugar

Some revitalizing fruit juices contain a lot of tooth-rotting sugar than their equivalent size of the soda. Therefore, you should switch up the healthy drinks for milk quite often to strengthen your kid’s teeth.

3. Four out of five of children regularly visit dentists

The trend is a commendable, but the figure should be pretty closer to a hundred percent. That is, especially when one takes into account that NHS services in a dental clinic in London Ontario are offered for free to children.

4. Children suffering from plaque have reduced by 10 percent in the last decade

At this fast rate, plaque will be totally eradicated in children by the year 2079. That is proof that children’s oral health care has improved. It is expected that it will not take an eternity for an oral health therapy to be much quicker.

5. Only three-quarters of kids brush their teeth two times per day

Working with nurseries and schools as well as highlighting the significance of children’s oral health is influencing people’s attitudes towards dental care. It is encouraging that kids are receiving the message about good dental health. With their efforts, the small figure can certainly increase.

6. One out seven children has extensive or severe tooth decay

These figures are disheartening. Tooth decay in children causes them a lot of agony due to the resultant pain and trouble to eat. It is entirely preventable, and all measures should be put set to prevent the unnecessary suffering to the children. Developing a workable daily oral health schedule at childhood will help to develop healthy dental attitudes to fighting tooth decay.

7. English kids have the healthiest teeth in Canada

English children have “excellent kids’ dental care” compared with Northern Ireland and Wales. Increasing of the Canada population drinking water containing optimal levels of fluoride by 10 per cent of will ensure all of the Canadian kids have reason to smile.

8. Children who start dental procedures early are comfortable during therapies

With one out of seven grown-ups suffering from dental anxiety, the children learn that dental procedures are painful. To prove to the children that they have nothing to be worried of, they should start visiting a dental clinic in London Ontario as early as possible. That builds familiarity with the dental physicians.10 Fascinating Dental Health Facts about Kids

9. All “baby teeth” should be seen before the kids are two and a half years

As soon as the baby tooth teeth appear, they should be taken to the dentists. Your children will thank you in future when they bear excellent teeth. By forming healthy dental habits at quite a young age, parents reduces the chances of their children ending up with crooked dental sets that make them afraid of talking or smiling.

10. Bad teeth prevent kids from smiling

More than one out of three 12-year-olds shy away from smiling due to the poor condition of their teeth. By taking kids dental care seriously, one also provides them with happiness. They will always feel comfortable and confident to speak and smile in front of their peers.

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